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Data Loader

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Next Gen ARINC 615-3/615A Portable Data Loader
Model No. 11615-50

The Aero Instruments & Avionics 11615-50 Portable Data Loader (PDL) provides proven ARINC 615-3/ARINC 603 load technologies with additional ARINC 615A over Ethernet capability. This new addition to our product line is ideal for aircraft fleets preparing to use, or that are currently using 615A loadable equipment. Avionic data loads can be performed from Floppy Disk, CD, DVD, USB, or the internal solid state Mass Storage Device (MSD). The MSD can be loaded in advance to eliminate the distribution of disks/memory devices to airplanes while significantly reducing the time to perform the data load tasks. External media is verified before any load is executed. This saves valuable ground time by alerting the operator of any bad media before attempting the load. Our 11615-50 PDL is easy to read and easy to use. All functions are performed using the high resolution 5” TFT LCD display and four large “Soft Buttons”. Together, they provide simple navigation to the selected loadable software and straightforward load status messages.

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Shop Data Loader

Model No. ASL7X7-0001-00

The Aero Instruments model ASL7X7-0001-00 Shop Data Loader provides a high quality, compact and rugged PC based solution for performing software loading of all BAE Systems MMC 20 and MMC 85 series of Mass Memory Card (MMC) Assemblies.

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